Dear music lover,

It’s Jason Sagebiel, founder of Sage Music

I am often asked…what makes Sage Music different than other private music schools, and why should I pursue my interest in music?

So today I’m going to take a moment and answer those two questions.

In fact, I am going to give you the skinny on the who, what, when, where of Sage, and the why…

First off, I want to assure you…

If you have ever had even a smidgen of desire to:

Sage Music should be your only private musical school of choice.

Here are 7 Exclusive reasons why?

  1. As a student… You receive customized lessons designed around your own personal goals and preferences. We sit down with you and make concrete goals based on your own preferences. We then design a lesson program around achieving your goals. At Sage, it’s about enabling you to be the best person and musician you can be…and there are no group sessions…only one on one personal lessons.
  2. At Sage…We care about you as an individual. There are no group programs that force you into a box, and there are no methods that require you to learn exactly the same music as everyone else. We want you to succeed, no matter what you want to achieve.
  3. Exclusively, available only at Sage…The ARPEGGIO™ lesson framework. Sage Music is the only school in the nation that has a proven method that ensures you will have an excellent music lesson and top-notch customer service, each and every time.
  4. Another Exclusive… is the Sage music teacher training system – Sage Music is the only school that trains its teachers in depth, so that you as a student not only get the benefit of your teacher’s knowledge (they have advanced degrees in music), but you can be certain that your teacher knows exactly… how to teach you for maximum progress, ease, and happiness.
  5. A structured and progressive system – Lesson Logging – Every Sage teacher makes detailed notes on every lesson you take, so that they can meticulously prepare for your specific needs, and maintain a careful track record of your progress. This ensures that you, as well as other students, consistently receive quality lessons, assistance, and over-all impeccable instruction and service.
  6. Instructor Oversight – Most music schools hire anyone who can play music to teach. Then, they let them teach with no training, and with no oversight. On the other hand, Sage Music teachers are evaluated monthly, and challenged to grow as teachers much the same way you are challenged to grow as a musician.
  7. Steady, On-going Musical Growth and Support – Unlike other music schools who have a rinse and repeat teaching formula, the ARPEGGIO™ lesson system we have perfected at Sage Music isn’t like Suzuki or Orff, which are a century old.You see, ARPEGGIO™ will never get old. Our method of teaching is a superior system that has been designed and structured in a way and manner that does, and will consistently, as well as continually improve to the benefit of you, our students and teachers alike.

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Nick Dinnerstein, who is our Cello instructor at Sage Music, recently recalled for us the personal journey of one of his students by the name of Shiheng W.

23-year old, Shiheng W., decided to give herself the experience of cello lessons as a birthday present to herself. She was searching for a relaxing, creative outlet to better balance her life while studying as a graduate student at NYU’s demanding engineering program.

Sure enough, within just a few lessons, Shiheng had made steady progress, expressed herself creatively, and found a time to relax every day with cello practice.

According to instructor Dinnerstein, “Sage Music’s ARPEGGIO™ framework allowed me and Shiheng to structure a practice routine for her that would ensure steady progress, avoid frustrating limitations, and combine easy structure and creative individuality.

Working step by step, Shiheng mastered one skill before moving on the the next, developing a feeling of accomplishment during the entire learning process. Thanks to Sage Music’s clear teaching guidelines, Shiheng knew exactly what she would practice in each of her daily sessions, taking the guesswork out of practice and making focusing easy.

Because Sage Music’s smart, scientifically proven, and structured musical approach, Shiheng quickly became free to express her emotions and thoughts through the beautiful voice of her cello. [During the summer, Shiheng will be abroad for an internship, but she will be renting a cello to practice during that time and will be back at Sage Music for the fall.]”

When it’s all said and done… Sage Music can help you reach your goals, and live your dreams… and do it quicker and easier than you can imagine using our exclusive Arpeggio™ lesson system.

Just like so many others who enter our doors, you will be amazed at what you can accomplish.

If this sounds like you, you’ll be happy to know that…

For a limited time, Sage Music is opening the doors to a few selected new students.

However… before accepting a new student, we like you to experience and feel the warm and accepting atmosphere that makes learning so exceptionally fun, exciting and worthwhile at Sage Music.

So…we have decided to open the doors to a select few, and invite them to visit us so they can see and feel the magic that is so much a part of Sage Music.

You will get a close-up and personal tour of our school – and even get to look into and see how our acclaimed musical instructors achieve the amazing results they do with your fellow students.

You will even have an opportunity to chat with students as well as our instructors if you so wish. They will be more than happy to answer your questions.
Refreshments and snacks will also be served.

And for those who take the tour… we have a special undisclosed surprise for you!

But remember… this is a time limited occasion you don’t want to pass up.
Due to the exclusive nature… this is a first-come – first-serve opportunity.

To experience the magic of Sage Music…call us now @ (718) 361-2922

Tell our operator you received a message from me:  Jason Sagebiel, and you would like to visit and take Jason up on his offer. At which time you will get all the details on the dates and times the doors will be open so you can come and visit with us.

Don’t wait…numbers are limited… call today.

May all of your musical dreams come true.

MTNA Nationally Certified Teacher of Music
Founder, Sage Music

P.S. Many schools bring in lots of famous performers to build their notoriety, but at Sage, we invest our time and expertise on giving you the very best music instruction found anywhere in the U.S. A. using our renowned ARPEGGIO™ lesson system.

Our goal is to help you become a Sage Musician, a Sage Practitioner. By the way…. sage means… (Astute, Insightful, Intelligent, Sharp)

We offer you a smarter way – not a better way, but a…superior way… to learn music.

So, if you want to be successful, and you want to be smart about the way you work, the way you learn, the way you gain musical success…Sage Music has got you covered.

Call us now @ (718) 361-2922

You won’t regret it… Guaranteed!

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