Grace turned to music after several major difficult changes happened in her life, including the end of a long-term relationship and family health issues. She briefly took private guitar lessons in college. Unfortunately, those lessons were cut short due to a lack of funds but Grace has always vowed to return to her love of music. The past few years taught her the importance of pursuing things that make you happy, so she finally quelled the longing in her heart and returned to studying guitar. Grace first came across Sage Music through a friend and purchased lessons as a gift for herself. Shortly after starting with Sage Music, she quickly realized in those first few lessons that she needed to continue with the school as Jason Sagebiel, her guitar teacher, was able to correct the pain in her fretting hand from improper positioning.

At Sage Music, Grace was also challenged with writing a piece of music which she’d previously been intimidated by despite her desire. She now finds the process fun and it’s helping her to see and feel the language of music in a different way! Grace has been taking guitar lessons with Jason for seven months and her love of music continues to be a big part of her life these days. When not practicing playing the guitar, she pursues her other passion of baking and hopes to one day combine the two passions. Grace considers her life today to be pretty sweet and she thanks Sage Music for playing a big part in achieving that.