“Music Gave Me Back a Life”

Dear music lover,

You know there was a time not too long ago when everything in my life looked bleak. I saw no future for myself. In fact, I couldn’t even see a tiny speck of light at the end of my tunnel…

Until fortunately… music gave me a second chance at life.

Just like most of us who have music in our blood, my desire and passion to become the kind of musician I’ve always dreamed of, has always kept the fire burning inside me.

Even at the lowest point in my life…the flames would flicker ever so lightly.

For me, it all began when I was a Marine serving in Iraq, which at the time was an active war zone.

To say it was a challenging environment, would be a massive understatement.

Unfortunately, I became a casualty of war after suffering a devastating brain injury.

As it turned out, due to a lack of available therapy at that point in time, I was forced to go outside the military and try to muster up the help I needed, if I ever was to recover even a semblance of my old self.

Not knowing exactly what to do and desperately needing an outlet for the extreme frustration and depression I was dealing with, along with my injury …

I went searching for comfort, and turned to my first love, and like a long-lost lover, began to hang out with, and spend a lot of time with … my music.

I soon realized after a short period of time, that the more I practiced my music, the better my memory became which had been severely impacted by my injury in Iraq.

But it got even better, because…

I quickly saw too that my manual dexterity skills, (my motor skills had also been affected by the injury) especially my fine motor skills – which have to be up to par in order to play the guitar with a high level of proficiency, was also steadily improving.

I was elated and for the first time in a very long time…felt there was hope for me…Perhaps my dreams could become true?

As I continued to steadily improve – I began to research the connection between mind and body and how it affects and influences how we absorb information and learn.

I discovered that music was helpful for my recovery, simply because the study and practice of it is emotionally therapeutic…

Which aids not only in the healing of the body – but of the mind and emotions too.


Miraculously, my music soon became a major source of therapy that contributed to the healing of my mind and body


I found out that performing music requires sustained concentration (which I was lacking), expert memory (which I had trouble forming because of the concentration issues), an incredible amount of focus, impeccable fine motor control (which was damaged), and the ability to communicate artistically and emotionally.

So, the more I played my guitar, the more my brain responded to the exercise it was feeding it. Pursuing my musical goals was also liked having a yardstick that I could use to measure my progress.

To say music served… and continues to serve as an extraordinary successful motivational and healing tool is an understatement.

The truth was… music gave me back a life.

So much so that after my recovery was completed, my passion was fueled and my desire to help and show other like-minded music lovers how to reach their full musical potential in an easy and simple manner, prompted me to became a nationally certified music teacher.

In fact, wanting to share my first-hand information on how music can in a very real way dramatically change your life for the better in so many different ways, compelled me to open the doors to Sage Music in 2012.

CONT: from page 1…

Being fueled by the solid research I had uncovered and the proven results that had personally brought me back from the brink of despair…


I developed a proven, revolutionary approach to learning and teaching music that uses effective techniques often overlooked, and not even considered by other educators.


In fact, many compare the methodologies, i.e. ARPEGGIO™ that we use so successfully with spectacular results to teach our students at Sage Music…

To how professional athletes train their body and mind for maximum skill development.
At Sage Music our primary focus is to help you reach your goals, and become the musician you have always dreamed you can be.

You know, most schools simply hire performers and then let them teach. There is usually no teacher training, and no oversight.

But not at Sage Music. We take skilled performers who are passionate about teaching and train them in the best techniques for music education, which is why our students are so overwhelmingly satisfied and thriving.

We ensure every student receives the best instruction possible.

Once you enroll with us, you become immersed in our school’s unique and innovative curriculum which is derived from traditional musical school learning methods…

But this is where Sage Music separates itself, standing far above all others.

We also combine our teaching with tenets from psychology, as well as holistic approaches to health and well-being, and communal creativity.

These is simply nothing else that compares to the musical training you receive at Sage.

Sage Music focuses on teaching the skills that enable musicians, whether experienced or a beginner – to play with confidence and ease.

The school’s educational core encompasses proper instrument mechanics, proper body usage (biomechanics and kinesiology), as well as the best methods for learning and practicing.

By the way…

We accept students of all nationalities, races, religions, and genders. In fact, our learners range in age from 4 years of age all the way up to… 70…

Some of our students have professional aspirations, others are just hobbyists.

We work as best we can to cater to the needs of all of our students.

Here’s what Michael Conklin, who is one of our expert music instructors recently told us:


“Because of the thorough teacher training, I was quickly able to help Alex I. achieve his audition goals within just a few short weeks of being hired at Sage Music. Alex auditioned and successfully made it into the Frank Sinatra Summer Arts Institute.

The teacher training paired with the use of the ARPEGGIO™ lesson system helped us hone in on his goals and quickly assess what we had to do to achieve them.

Additionally, because of the ARPEGGIO™ system, we were able to establish a comfortable student-teacher relationship right away, and we are fast becoming friends”.


So today, I’m excited to let you know…


For a very short time, Sage Music is opening the doors to a limited number of new students.

Before accepting a new enrollee, we like our students to experience and feel the warmth and relaxed atmosphere that makes learning so exceptionally fun, exciting and worthwhile at Sage Music.  

If you have a long-lost desire to:

  • Play an instrument?
  • Learn to read music?
  • Gain entrance into a specific musical program?
  • Pass an audition?
  • Impress your family and friends?
  • Write music?
  • Sing?
  • Boost your confidence?

We are opening the doors to a select few and inviting them to visit us so they can get a sneak peek into the magic that is Sage Music.

You will get a close-up and personal tour of our school – and even get to look into and see how our acclaimed musical instructors achieve the amazing results they do with our students.

You will even have an opportunity to chat with our students and our instructors if you so wish. They will be more than happy to answer your questions.

Refreshments and snacks will also be served.

And for those who take the tour… we have a special surprise for you!

But remember… this is a time limited occasion you don’t want to pass up.
Due to the exclusive nature… this is a first-come – first-serve opportunity.

To experience the magic of Sage Music…call us now @ (718) 361-2922

Tell our operator you received a message from me:  Jason Sagebiel, and you would like to visit and take Jason up on his offer. At which time you will get all the details on the dates and times the doors will be open so you can come and visit with us.

Don’t wait…numbers are limited… call today.

May all of your musical dreams come true.

Jason Sagebiel

MTNA Nationally Certified Teacher of Music
Founder, Sage Music

P.S. Just think how much easier and fulfilling your life will be when you finally make your musical dreams come true.

Today you have a once-in-a- lifetime opportunity to make it happen in a way that is easier than anything you can imagine. Although we all want them… the odds tell us that a second chance at the things we want most in life doesn’t present itself very often…

Don’t let your dream die. Call us today… while the doors remain open.    

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