The Best Music School in New York

What makes Sage Music a top music school in New York? The fact that we approach things a little bit differently. From our community-based approach to our highly customized lesson plans, we offer our students an immersive and engaging musical experience unlike any other school in the city.

It’s our goal to help each student learn music in a way that feels natural to them. To help foster that personal growth, we’ve developed a unique style of offering music lessons. Here are just some of the things that set us apart:

Open to everyone (who wants to play music well).

Some music schools cater to specific age groups or require a specific level of musical prowess. This is absolutely not the case with Sage Music! Regardless of your age, musical style, or level of musical knowledge, we’re able to create lessons that are suited to you.

But there is one thing that all Sage Music students have in common – they want to play music well.  Whether it’s a hobby or a professional pursuit, our students have standards and goals. They want to sound good, they want to be good, and we are here to give them the skills to do just that.

Our robust roster of class offerings is tailored to bring music to everyone! Whether you are a parent who wants to sign up your child for their first piano lessons, a college student interested in picking up guitar, or an adult interested in picking up a saxophone for the first time ever, lessons can be specifically tailored to help you reach your musical goals in a community-based, open and caring atmosphere.

A variety of lesson types.

To expand on the previous point, at Sage Music, we offer an incredible variety of lesson types. While some of our most popular offerings are piano and guitar lessons, there’s also so much more to explore! In terms of musical instruments, you could try the cello, saxophone, clarinet, flute, trumpet, drums, and horn, too! Or, you could expand your musical repertoire by seeking out vocal lessons.

Customized lesson plans.

When you come to your first lesson at Sage Music, you’ll begin by having a conversation with your instructor about your personal goals for the lessons. There’s no right or wrong here. Maybe you want to learn how to strum a guitar along with friends, or maybe you want to learn how to play classical piano. Whatever your personal goals are, they’re valid and we will help you realize them.

You and your instructor will then create lesson plans and work toward these goals. Not only will this help you develop a deeper love of music, but this will also help you remain motivated and inspired as you progress on your musical journey!

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A consistently successful teaching method.

At Sage Music, our teachers are all accomplished musicians in their own right. They boast professional training from accredited music education programs, and many of them hold advanced degrees in music-related fields of study.

It’s not just about advanced musical study, though. In addition to impressive technical prowess, our teachers all share a deep love of music and a desire to share it with their students.

At Sage Music, we also train each of our passionate teachers with our proprietary system, and employ our unique  ARPEGGIO™ lesson system. This system ensures that not only are you receiving the finest quality musical education, but you’ll enjoy a high level of consistency in your lessons and excellent customer service.

In this way, you are not just getting a teacher. You are getting a community of teachers and staff who all work together and are committed to your musical and personal success.  No other music school puts this much effort into the quality and consistency of their programs. But we do, because we believe that you simply deserve the best!

Student resources.

At Sage Music, we offer plenty of resources to help foster our students’ musical growth. For one, we offer an online store to help our students find the right tools for their musical journey. We offer a variety of instruments, as well as parts such as guitar strings and sheet music. This makes it easy for students to select and purchase the proper tools for their lessons. Of course, for those students who are not ready or able to purchase an instrument, we do offer rental agreements as well.

Our online store also includes several free resources as digital downloads, including free sheet music and a guide to singing posture.

Two great locations.

Sage Music has two convenient locations within New York City. Our first and original location is in Long Island City, Queens. This arts-rich and eclectic community is located minutes from midtown Manhattan, and is easily accessible by the E, F, G, M, N, Q, R, and 7 trains, as well as the LIRR.

Our second location is co-located with PLAY Greenpoint, a children’s enrichment center. In this location, we offer private music lessons to children and adults as well as group classes for children.

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A community-based approach.

At Sage Music, we use music as a vehicle for building community. We are a community of musicians, composed of our teachers, students, and supporters. We firmly believe that this sense of community makes Sage Music a very special place for both personal and musical growth for all parties involved.

Sage Music is truly a New York City music school unlike any other. Regardless of your musical goals, we want to help make them a reality! We hope that you’ll find that our dedication to helping our students reach their personal musical goals truly sets us apart as a top music school in New York.


Are you ready to pursue your musical goals?