When it comes to taking music lessons, you’ll have a number of choices to make. You’ll need to find a teacher who is a good fit for your goals and the type of music that you’re studying, but you may also need to choose between taking lessons in your home or traveling to a music school for your lessons.

Should You Take Music Lessons at Home or at a School?

At first glance, taking lessons at home might seem to be the best route. After all, it’s convenient and you don’t have to worry about traveling. But when you start to consider the benefits that studying music at a school can offer, you may find that enrolling in a music school is actually the best choice for you.


Studying music in your home is a solitary activity, and you won’t naturally encounter or work with other music students. In a music school, though, you’ll be part of a community and can develop valuable relationships as a result. You’ll be exposed to more advanced students who can inspire and help you, and you’ll also be able to serve as a role model to beginning students.

It’s possible that you’ll develop friendships with other musicians, and you’re bound to learn more about music just from being in a community environment.

flute lessons nycPerformance Opportunities

One huge benefit that music schools offer to students is the availability of various performance opportunities. Playing music isn’t just about learning to play solo, so the option to play in ensembles and group classes is a valuable step in becoming a musician.

Many students experience stage fright, so performance opportunities are particularly important to overcome the nerves, with the proper training, of course. Your music school should offer recitals, which give you a safe place to get a feel for performing. Plus, performances give you something to work toward; with a deadline approaching, you’ll learn how to prepare a piece of music and deal with the pressure of an upcoming performance.

Fewer Distractions

Home environments often aren’t conducive to music lessons. Homes are full of distractions, and when you’re dealing with your siblings making noise, the TV on in the background, and your pets running in and out of the room, it’s hard to stay focused on your music.

At a music school, you won’t be dealing with these distractions. You’ll enjoy a quiet area with plenty of space for you and your teacher, so you can stay focused and get the most value possible out of each and every lesson.

music lessons nycThe Support of an Administration

Music schools are run by administrations, meaning there’s a supporting force behind your music education. A school tends to have more opportunities and connections than a single music teacher does. For instance, if you’re planning to audition for a conservatory, a music school is more likely to have someone on staff who’s gone to that conservatory, or who knows someone who’s gone to that conservatory. This can mean valuable information and networking connections that can help further your music education.


Music schools may have libraries, instrument accessories like strings or reeds, and equipment like recording devices, sound systems, and pianos for accompaniments. A traveling music teacher likely won’t have any of these resources, all of which can enhance the quality of your lessons.

piano lessons nycConsistency

Traveling teachers spend so much time on the road that they won’t always arrive at your home on time. Your time is valuable, and a fluctuating schedule may mean you miss a lesson here or there, or you have a shortened lesson because of time constraints. Plus, bad weather can also lead to your teacher needing to cancel.

A cancelled or missed lesson here or there might seem like no big deal, but it can have a significant impact on your progress, especially when you’re just starting off. Plus, if you’re working toward a performance or audition, having to miss a lesson may leave you feeling stressed and unprepared.

When you study at a music school, your teacher should be much more able to stick to a schedule. You’ll always know when your lessons will begin and end, and having a regular schedule means that you’re more likely to make consistent progress in your music.

Finding the Right Music School

Music schools aren’t all the same, and you’ll find that some schools may not offer all of the benefits mentioned above. If you’re looking for a music school, please give us a call. We’d love to talk to you about your goals, your music education so far, and how we can help you learn and enjoy music.